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Yesterday, I was outside enjoying the weather and it made me miss church bells.  I grew up in New England.  I never lived in a real city like Boston or NYC.  New England doesn’t seem to have suburbs like a lot of the other areas in the US.  Like here in Nashville you have downtown, then you have suburbs all around which just feel like little pockets where people go to sleep.  There are homes, local schools, Walmart, strip malls, restaurants.  But there is really no history or anything that makes them unique.  It’s all these copycat towns surrounding Nashville and if you want to do anything, you have to drive into the city.

New England never felt like that to me.  Sure there are towns surrounding the city.  But those towns always felt like they had their own identity.  Their own purpose.  Their own unique qualities and quirks.  If you were to pick up that town and move it hundreds of miles away, it would still function.

Anyways, church bells.

One of my favorite New England memories is just being outside and hearing the church bell ring every night at 6PM.

I miss it.

real life

Foxy Knoxy


Amanda Knox has been fascinating to me since the moment her story was painted across our TVs, newspapers, and magazines.  When the Italian investigators began leaking their theories to the media, it seemed the crime that occurred wasn’t matching the narrative told by the investigators.   Young American girls don’t study abroad to become murderers.  And when it comes to women killers, it rarely involves sex and throat cutting.

When I learned Netflix was going to be airing Amanda Knox, I couldn’t wait to watch it.  Who was this girl?  Was there any possibility she could have been involved?   There were so many things I found fascinating.

Giuliano Mignini is crazy.  Mignini was the lead investigator in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  He is one of the main narrators for this documentary and is not in touch with reality.  Mignini thought the evidence showed Amanda was involved in the murders.  As he’s explaining his rationale and detailing the evidence, all I could think is how could an investigator draw these conclusions?  I feel like I could have been a better investigator just from watching Forensic Files and Law & Order.

Nick Pisa is responsible for this case blowing up.  Nick Pisa is a British journalist, who happened to be living in Italy during the time of the murder.  If you read any salacious articles about Amanda Knox, chances are Nick Pisa’s name was on the byline.  It seems like the documentary was trying to paint Nick Pisa as the villain.  After all, he’s the one who published the stories after Amanda was told she had AIDS and he published a list of her sexual partners that had been recorded in Amanda’s prison diary.  While I do think his articles had a dramatic flair, I don’t think he was lying.  Nick Pisa wouldn’t confirm who his sources were, but based on pictures and what he wrote, it’s obvious his source was Mignini.

I had heard the name Rudy Guede before, who is the person that actually killed Meredith.  His fingerprints, a bloody handprint, and TONS his DNA were all found at the scene.  He also confessed to being there, but not to murdering Meredith.   What I didn’t know is that he had his trial for killing Meredith and was convicted BEFORE charges were brought against Amanda.  Rudy even confirmed that Amanda was not there.

I thought the documentary was so good.  I think it explained who Amanda was and what she went through in a way no order media source has been able to do.

Have you watched Amanda Knox yet?

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September Reads

What books have you recently read?

Is there something about fall that makes people read more?

For the first couple years of my undergrad, I did a work/study at a library.  Before working there, I knew you could borrow books and stuff.  I didn’t know that you could borrow audiobooks (CDs and downloadable versions), ebooks, DVDs of movies and tv series.  It’s spoiled me.  It’s probably been about five years since I actually bought a book, ebook, or audiobook of any kind.  I will only borrow from the library.

There was a two-week period last month where every book I tried to borrow was already taken.  So this month I only have one review.

Beautiful Diaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire I try not to read book descriptions before reading the actual book.  It makes the book more enjoyable for me.  Usually, I read a review, add it to my Goodreads queue, and by the time I’m ready to read I’ll have forgotten what the book is about.  When I saw BD was part of a series, I assumed it was a young adult, fantasy novel.  It is not.

BD is a story about Abby and Travis.  Abby is a good girl, running away from her past, and she lands as a freshman in college far from home.  Travis is a bad boy, underground fighter, and the campus womanizer.  You pretty much know the majority of what will happen next.

It’s a good book, though.  I liked the characters. I liked the plot.  I liked the pacing of the novel.  I’ll read the second book in the series.

Something I liked even more than the book…the author, Jamie McGuire.  Jamie is a self-published author.  She published Beautiful Diaster and it became a best seller.  On her site, she has tons of FAQs about how to self-publish.

Audiobook review:  The audiobook is read by the same voice actress that did the Divergent Series.  It was super enjoyable.
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What's New With You

Linking up with Kristen and Gretch!

Loving:  FALL!  Thank you for finally coming Fall.  I have missed you and your amazing weather.  I am no longer stepping outside and instantly sweating due to tropical humidity.  This weekend was the first time since May that we could have the windows open at home.  It was so nice.

Reading:  I am 2/3 of the way through Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty and desperately trying to finish it by next Tuesday.

Thinking about:  My Managerial Accounting at school.  I’m hoping, praying, wishing that I’ll be finished with it this weekend.

Watching:  My latest obsession is Blue Bloods.  Every summer, my husband and I pick a series that we want to watch.  This year, it was Blue Bloods.  The first three seasons were a little rough for me.  It was a little too “feel good”.  They must have gotten some new writers in season 4 because it’s so much better now.

Looking forward to: The weekend.  I want to pass my Managerial Accounting course and then I’m going to see Girl On A Train.

Enjoying:  Cool fall mornings and nights.

Working on: Planning my time better and doing more meaningful things with the free time I do have.

Wishing:  That I could have unlimited vacation days and an unlimited vacation fund.  There are so many places I want to travel to.

Planning: On completing everything off my Fall To Do checklist.  Before you know it, it will be Christmas and winter.